Why did you become a veterinarian?

In the raising of rabbits as a young boy, I learned early in life the specialized need for animal medicine. A local veterinarian mentored my rabbit rearing interests encouraging me to attend shows and competitions. This desire to learn as much as I could and see the direct results of proper veterinary care solidified my choice to enter the diverse world of animal medicine as a young adult.

What is the goal with every patient visit?

Every patient has an owner and the owner is just as important as the patient. By educating the owner first the patient has a much better chance of a healthy life. This skill to personally interact with every owner and understand the emotional connection they have with their pet is my top goal in ensuring a positive outcome with every visit.

Do you have a philosophy that you live by?

Honesty and integrity in all aspects of my life are paramount in importance when describing a personal philosophy. Without honesty, my client/doctor relationship would be extremely detrimental to achieving successful health care results of the patient, as well as raising a healthy family and sustaining a loving marriage. Integrity is my personal gauge that exists within my heart directing me to make proper choices, following faith-related decisions and allowing me to sleep knowing I’ve done my best when determining right from wrong.