I’m 100% satisfied with Indian Prairie Animal Hospital. I’ll admit, when it comes to animal care, I’m a little on the inexperienced side. I don’t know what to look for or what to expect, but luckily I came across this hidden gem in the rough known as Indian Prairie Animal Hospital.

Not only did they not take advantage of my ignorance, but they provided detailed explanations of what transpired with my dog and what I should watch out for. Everything the vet explained to me was comprehensive.

Each visit has been progressively getting more and more informative for myself and helping me build more of a connection with my dog. I’m sincerely grateful for that since I think it’s absolutely essential to an extent, especially if you’re a dog owner.

My dog has needed a couple of shots over the years and also routine check ups to make sure he didn’t swallow or chew up anything he wasn’t supposed to. They have provided exceptional care for my dog each and every visit, to the point that I completely trust their judgment.

I wish more vets took the time to make the customer feel comfortable and explained more about the animal care process. It would make us(pet owners) feel more equipped to properly help our animals if an emergency ever occurred. Which is very likely and possible to happen. I’m glad Animal Prairie Animal Hospital was open to discuss this with me.

– Elizabeth M.

This is by far the best vet in Naperville. The staff is very personable and the place is really clean. My family has been taking our dogs to Indian Prairie for years. We love how the staff interacts with our dogs! Dr. Ristich is knowledgeable and genuine, an expert you can actually trust. I currently live in Arizona, but every time I am home I bring my dogs here for their shots and checkups. If you’re looking for a place that has your ~fur-babies~ best interest, I HIGHLY recommend coming here!

– Nicole F.

Great practice. My bird has been a patient here for years. Because of Dr Ristich I still have him. Several years ago Dr. saved him when I thought for sure I was going to lose him. I never took him to another place after. This month was the first time we boarded (or left ) him. I was very nervous how this would go. He did very well. I really appreciate the staff emails with updates, pictures and a phone call. My bird came home and was his old self no temper tantrums. That as any bird person knows is a very good sign. Thanks for everything!

– Tammy C.

Phelan has been going to IPAH for over two years. Since that time he has seen all the vets! They have been very professional; explaining what was happening and why. Recently Phelan has seen Dr. Ristich for what we hope is a soft tissue injury on Phelan’s foot and a skin condition a week after. Dr. gave a time line as to what the treatment would be for each. Dr Ristich has a great sense of humor! The front desk staff are all friendly and efficient. The technicians show they care. I feel good knowing Phelan is in good hands all the way around. Thank you for all you do!

– Carla H.

Sadly, we had to put our beloved dog, Maya, to sleep almost one year ago. Dr. Sam Ristich and his staff at Indian Prairie Animal Hospital took excellent care of her from the time she was six-months old (when we moved from out-of-state) until her last day on this earth, which was nearly twelve years later. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Ristich and his staff and have recommended his animal hospital to others on a number of occasions. The atmosphere, that they work hard to create, was especially comforting during some tough diagnosis days, throughout the years, and we felt nothing but compassion toward our loss, at the end.

– Megan B.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than a family oriented animal hospital. Indian Prairie was extremely patient with me and my dog. My cock-a-poo isn’t very well trained and hasn’t been “fixed,” therefore he can be very rambunctious and uncontrollable.

Despite these difficulties, Indian Prairie has been progressively getting my dog more and more attached to them. Knowing him, he would only get attached to people who he seems trustworthy and nurturing. Dogs are very intelligent with this, so I know his instincts wouldn’t lie.

This is how I know my dog is in good hands with this animal hospital. He has made a lot of progress since coming here, and absolutely loves coming back for his check ups and treatment. We take pride in being apart of the Indian Prairie family!

– Kimberley S.

We bring our two dogs, four cats and four birds to Dr. Ristich, the owner of Indian Prairie Animal Hospital. He is clear, concise and so very funny! He saved our dog’s life! I imagine him in high school talking to his guidance counselor. It must have gone something like this, “Sam, we received the results of your career aptitude test. You should either be a veterinarian or a stand-up comic!”

But seriously, folks, he is over-the-top excellent when it comes to taking care of your pets! Look no further!

PS – We have worked with his other two associates and they are excellent too! The front desk staff are great! We love IPAH!

– Chris M.

Got my little cousin a puppy for her 5th birthday and we took the puppy to Indian prairie animal hospital…. they were amazing. Staff was great! Front desk was very kind and welcoming. I can tell they all take pride in there work and the love for the animals. Prices are great. They taught me a few things that Im going to show my little cousin to keep her trained. Thank you Dr Benson and Samantha.

– Kelly H.

My dog HATES going to the vet and is very aggressive with veterinarians, and it was hard for me to find a staff that didn’t make me feel guilty for bringing in my difficult patient. Even though my dog can be very rude and dramatic, Dr. Teiber and the vet techs have always been great with her, whether we are in for a routine exam/vaccines or for an injury/illness. They are very accommodating and I feel like they always go above and beyond to try to make our visits as stress-free as possible (for everyone involved). Thanks, IPAH, for never making me feel like my dog is the pain in the butt that I know she is!

– Alexa L.

Dr. Ristich is such a wonderful Doctor!! There are many vets out there that will try to sell you vaccinations or things your dog doesn’t really need. My poor puppy ate a piece of hard place and was very sad and did not want to play for about a week. I called and the ladies there were so helpful, and so caring to my puppy. Once I saw the doctor he asked me a few question advised me Lucy was good. He assured me that if i wanted to spend more money I can but that i shouldn’t! I love this doctor I recommend this facility to everyone. So clean and beautiful. I wish we had more places like this one!

– Joan S.